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As a company we are fascinated with the power of music to transform an atmosphere, inspire lives and bring communities together. Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to witness this happen on many occasions. For the company’s founders growing up MUSIC was always their main passion.



In 2007 they began to use this love and passion for music as a way of tackling some of the social issues that faced their community. They themselves had lost friends and family members to gang culture, and were aware of the fact that music had played a strong part in allowing them to avoid trouble.


They set up a project in the London Borough of Merton called Escape Youth Group (EYG), running creative arts projects for the local youth. Over the past four years they have worked and engaged with over 300 young people, and the project still exists today.The idea for the mobile recording studio came from taking the studio from one of the founders Richard Abiona’s (aka Fuse ODG) bedroom down to a local estate to run the youth project.


As time has passed the equipment and service provided has become a lot more sophisticated. London Mobile Studios are now making tracks in the world of business. As a trading entity we use a percentage of our profits as well as a great deal of in-kind support to keep the youth group running. The youth project has won many awards, most recently an award from the International Peace Federation earlier this year. In June 2010 the directors were crowned World Skills UK Entrepreneurs of the year 2010 Our aim now is to share the liberating feeling of the studio with you, our customers!


Welcome to London Mobile Studios !


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